Low Pricing doesn’t always mean low quality just like High Pricing doesn’t always mean high quality.

DELLA SANO is a distributor for several large manufacturers with ISO-6 Labs.  Our products are third-party tested to verify our manufacturers’ claims.  Our commitment defines our mission. Leading people and pets to high-quality natural products that can help improve their quality of life at affordable prices is what we are all about.

Our pricing is very competitive because we have strong pricing agreements with our manufacturers and we don’t mark up as much as some of the competition.  Our price points are strong because we commit to buying very large volumes that give us exclusive pricing that isn’t available to all suppliers.  We don’t believe in making our own oils or buying from a manufacturer that isn’t going to put money into a proper manufacturing facility for their products that adds risk and exposure of contamination to something we sell to a consumer.  We deal exclusively with broad-spectrum oils that come from a CO2 Supercritical or Sub-Critical extraction process depending on the manufacturer. Each process is time-consuming and more costly than making a distillate and isolate CBD. Broad-spectrum oils contain all the natural cannabinoids, terpenes and botanical components of the hemp plant minus the THC cannabinoids but still giving you the full entourage effect of the plant’s botanical properties.

Right now Hemp Biomass prices are very much like the Gasoline industry with Oil Barrel prices. The price fluctuates greatly with supply and demand because everyone jumped into the Green Gold Rush. However, when manufacturers pass along price breaks to DELLA SANO we have committed to passing those reductions along to our customers.

Along with our above commitments and competitive pricing, we further back up the quality of our CBD Products by personally using our products daily, which has postponed if not prevented 4 knee replacements between my mother and myself. Additionally, we stand behind our products with a 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

Quality doesn’t get defined by price.

Quality gets defined by our customers who keep coming back because they Trust our Brand – DELLA SANO!

All the best,
Greg Martino & The DELLA SANO Team